Our Culture

At CI the relationships we hold, and the integrity of all we undertake is paramount. Our management system is run in accordance with the international standard for quality management systems, as well as OHS and Environmental Management.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, and the relationships we keep. Therefore, it is imperative we act with responsibility, transparency, integrity and the highest standards of corporate governance. Our teams are actively engaged with our community and frequently participate in charitable events to aid in a broader understanding and increase personal development in a sustainable manner. 


Our Values

Our values are important to us. They are what drive us as individuals and, as a business, provide us the reputation we are so keen to uphold; strong, dependable, knowledgeable honest and attentive. At a personal level, we’ll always be human. It’s how we operate. For us, that’s what sets us apart.

Value - We value fair dealings and following through – working collaboratively with fellow staff members and applying integrity in all we do.

Accept - We accept personal responsibility, take ownership, advise professionally, confirm in writing and display a can-do attitude.

Listen - We listen to differing points of view, trusting others, working collaboratively and actively participating with teamwork – sharing knowledge and ideas.

Understand - We understand and acknowledge others with respect, with an appreciation for differing roles and responsibilities, being inclusive, supportive, aware and showing care.

Exceed - We exceed expectations, working hard to take on the big challenges, completing tasks with a passion for success, exploring opportunities and creating our own, all the while thinking with innovation and delivering outstanding results.