Spring into a new tenancy

Tuesday 06 September 2016

5 reasons to move into a new tenancy this Spring

Spring is here and it might be the right time for you to move into a new office accommodation. Demand for Sydney office space remains the highest amongst all Australian major cities with only 5.6 per cent vacancy rate as of July 2016. Withdrawals of commercial buildings for residential conversion and fast growing start-ups in Sydney have made the office market to be extremely attractive. With not much available in the market, you want to be quick to find the new and most suitable office space for your business. Consider our five reasons that give you a signal to move into a new tenancy this Spring.


1. Your business is expanding

  • If your business is growing rapidly with new staff additions and departmental teams, it is a strong signal to move into a new premises
  • Thinking about the current growth and future needs of your business are essential in understanding the space requirement your business will require, along with a basic department configuration


2. Improve efficiency

  • You might have desks, offices, or rooms hardly used, or on the other hand, you might be short of meeting space or require additional work points for permanent of “floating” staff
  • With new office accommodation, you can be more efficient by bringing the workspace ratio down and plan for hot-desking or multipurpose areas as required to encourage interaction among employees
  • Work with a designer/architect who understands you staff numbers and required configuration, so they can assist in space planning a few possible relocation options. This may assist in the decision making process


3. Cut down costs

  • A new, well designed and planned office space might assist to reduce your rent costs due to a more efficient configuration and only provide for essential things you really, really need
  • Understand market Incentives being offered by Landlords, and how these can best be used to benefit your business in a relocation (i.e. towards fit-out, or rental abatement)


4. Mixed use facilities

  • A new location brings with it excitement and new adventure. Staff get reinvigorated with a new office fit-out and environment
  • You may be surprised at the modern facilities being offered by landlords in other building locations
  • Examples include amazing modern and spacious end of trip facilities (showers, lockers, bike rooms), Health and well being facilities (gyms, yoga rooms, meditation/quiet rooms), child care, and additional meeting room facilities outside of your tenancy
  • A new office location surrounded by cafes and restaurants and easy access to all modes of transport will ensure that your clients and staff are happy and satisfied


5. You’re in need of professional advice

  • A lot of things can go wrong, or unexpected things arise when you are unfamiliar with the relocation process
  • Our leasing agents are experts to assess your business’ current and future needs and offer personalised advice on the right type and amount of space you would need
  • Contact our Sydney (02) 8238 0000 or North Sydney (02) 9925 0000 offices to ensure that you are ready to move into new office space this Spring!