The Evolution of Asset Management

Thursday 06 April 2017

As the property market constantly adjusts to local and global atmospheres, it is integral that your assets are managed by industry professionals who stay ahead of the game. Ongoing accreditation, the use of new technologies and a strong foundation of industry knowledge are all important features in your Asset Manager and their team. At CI, we provide a value-add service on top of the conventional property management scope. This is embedded in our property professional training regime, all aimed towards providing a premium service and achieving maximum results for our clients and their commercial investment strategy.


How have we evolved?

We have listened to feedback from our clients and made technological advancements to better improve our service offering. Our teams have undergone extensive training in the use of new technologies and software, and are now equipped with mobile devices allowing them to stay on top of their daily tasks both in and outside of the office. The introduction of a CI Australia application has created a new communication platform between building tenants and our teams and the update of system software has increased efficiencies both in the office and externally through the ease of running reports and sharing data.


What’s new?

The introduction of a more streamlined Property Management Service within our Asset Management department has allowed for a dedicated team to focus solely on achieving the best results for our commercial appointments. Our newest Senior Property Manager, David Matkovic, is currently managing a commercial portfolio located across Sydney, North Sydney and the North West on behalf of a number of astute private and institutional investors. David ensures the delivery of high level property management services whilst maintaining close strategic relationships with his clients. If you have any enquiries about the future potential of your commercial asset, you can contact David at


For all other Asset Management enquiries, contact Michael Sheppard, Director of Asset Management, on 0478 222 795.