Milestone anniversaries reflect culture of care

Wednesday 03 March 2021
The start of 2021 has seen a number of staff celebrate milestone anniversaries with CI Australia, reflecting the agency's investment in its people and culture built on values.

The anniversaries for January and February 2021 include the following:

Rujuta Jhaveri - Head of Finance, Asset Management - 12 years
David Matkovic - Head of Commercial Asset Management – 11 years
Carmen Velasco - Office Manager and Executive Assistant – 11 years
Todd Jackson - Head of Engineering and Operations, Asset Management – 10 years

"Our people are our greatest asset. These fantastic achievements are to be celebrated and are a testament to CI’s values, collaborative nature and dedication to integrity.”

On her impressive length of service with the firm, Rujuta Jhaveri said "My 12 years with CI is not only reflective of a number of years spent here but my growth story, the various roles and opportunities offered to me, and the trust that the company has put in me. CI has always had a culture of nurturing talent and giving employees a platform to grow which I have been able to witness and benefit from. For me personally it has been a very rewarding journey and I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with an amazing team."

Todd Jackson said, "My work at CI has been very rewarding over the years. As a leading company in the market, having the continued respect and support of CI colleagues and clients makes all the difference. The work I have been able to do and the work my team and I continue to undertake and deliver is appreciated, and it’s rewarding to see the difference it makes to our clients’ businesses and the market in which we operate."

CI Staff Anniversaries
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